US E30 Convertible M-Technic

In '91, the full M-Technic option added about $4,700 to the normal price. Available in Sterling silver, Brilliant red and Macau blue. Changes included: lowered suspension, full body kit, special leather/cloth interior, 15" wheels, M-Technic badges, M-Technic door sills, leather console, e-brake boot.

(Images courtesy of Brian, Chris, David, Hussam and Mark)
Here's a BrillantRot M-Technic:
Thumbnail of BrillantRot M-Technic
And a SterlingSilber M-Technic:
Thumbnail of SterlingSilber M-Technic
And a MacaoBlau M-Technic:
Thumbnail of MacaoBlau M-Technic
M-Technic Interior:
Thumbnail of M-Technic interior
M-Technic Leather console and E-brake:
Thumbnail showing leather console and E-brake
M-Technic door sill:
Thumbnail showing M-Technic door sill

The M-Technic appearance package was about $1,600.
"Alpine edition" : LotosWeiss interior, AlpinWeiss2 exterior, 14" White basketweave rims and black top, with M-Technic appearance package.

AlpinWeiss2 M-Technic (w/ Aftermarket wheels):
Thumbnail of AlpinWeiss2 M-Technic
Triple Black, 14" Black basketweaves, M-Technic appearance package.
**NOTE** : Some people are mis-reading this as stating that the Black M-technic appearance package was only in Canada. That is not true. Black M-Technic appearance packages were also available in the US market.

Canadian market Diamantschwarz-Metallic M-Technic appearance package.
Thumbnail of Canadian Market Diamantschwarz M-Technic

Canadian Market M-Technic interior
Hussam suprised me by posting pictures of his recently purchased Canadian model E30 Cabrio, with the M-technic appearance package. The VIN plate clearly identifies the car as Canadian. If you look at the interior shot, you'll notice the different gauges in the instrument cluster (kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour), the non-airbag steering wheel and the digital clock.